Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lousy Service By TM - Streamyx

How can TM-NUT management can be so dishonest and ignorant on their current situation. I know the situation is very bad, why not stand up and admit it clearly and let us know exactly how bad is the situation and how long would it takes to really rectify the problem? Instead, they write shits like this in their website:
>Internet users in Malaysia and other parts of Asia may be experiencing some delay when assessing content and websites hosted outside of Malaysia, especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. TM Net has taken immediate action to divert traffic through other back-up links to reduce the traffic congestion.
Everyone know it is a SERIOUS DELAY. not “Some Delay”!!! Tell us the truth that we need to know. You mention about back-up links, do you really have any back-up links? What kind of load can your back-up links handle? I know internet users in Malaysia is seriously affected, but I doubt Singapore is. So stop using phases like “Malaysia and other parts of Asia” but just say MALAYSIA. Because you are only responsible for Malaysia broadband, even other countries do bad doesn’t relate to you. Focus on your duty.
>especially in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. (Wahaha, isn’t that consider the whole internet?)
>We would like to assure you that we are doing all that is necessary in order to restore the service as soon as possible. (Rubbish. Everyone know how to write this kind of rubbish. How you assure? What is the necessary? When is soon?)
>We will be making further announcements when the service has resumed.
When are your “further announcements”? You wrote a 240 words totally useless announcement on 27th December and I heard nothing else from you. Busy celebrating your Christmas and New Year? This is a SERIOUS RED-ALERT LEVEL EMERGENCY, and as your customers for 4 years, all I get was the 240 words from your website and the 1 minute “briefing” from 1300-88-9515?

TM-NUT, the way you run your business SUCKS. You are irresponsible to your customers who pay you every month for your promised services. You are dishonest by saying something like ‘may be experiencing some delay’. Your can be ignorant because you monopolized the broadband in Malaysia and thus giving us no choice but to pay for your rubbish service only!
Countries like Singapore are affected too but not as serious as our level since not all their ‘international links’ are broken, they can still deliver their service. It looks like our TM-NUT only have one link and when it is damaged, everything is broken. I am not using the Internet for P2P or Torrent. I am not playing World Of WarCraft or Ragnarok. Nor I am watching any YouTube videos. I don’t even need to blog here (I blog here because my site is hosted in Malaysia and it is the only site I still can access to).
BUT I need to renew my domain name before 3 January 2007 before it is expired. I still can’t access my domain registrar until today…
I need to control my money in my trading account! I can’t login to my account and thus I can’t do anything… I can’t sell!
I need to do routine things online because that’s my JOB. My rice-bowl will broke if I can’t do that…
If the flood in Johor can take away life and destroyed properties… Then the rubbish TM-Net can also destroyed mine just like the flood… I am now drowning in the “virtual” flood created by TM-NET.

Fuck TMNet

TMNet Streamyx is just plain bad, in fact bad does not justify them, they are just plain fucking terible horibbly bad. Their service is unreliable, its so bad that i wanna fucking hit someone in the face, after a day of slow internet in the office, i am hoping that i can get at elast some decent speed back home with the “Broadband” connection i paid for, and its not cheap mind you, while others in the region are paying the same price for a way better and reliable connection and double the speed on top of that.
But sadly no, they just wanna fuck with you and give you worst-than-dial-up speed, and that not even at constant speed, from 2kB/s to 4kB/s. Thats how bad theyare screwing you and its right in the head. I am getting sick surfing at this speed, i feel sick and nausea…
Is it just me or someone else is getting fucked right in the face too? When is this gonna stop? Give us reliable broadband!!!
Anyone wanna torch down a few TMNet outlet? My broadband experience has never been better …

Sucks Services by Telekom Malaysia - Streamyx

Seriously i think thats what TMNet’s Steamyx Streamyx is doing to all Malaysians, being the fucking big company that is monopolising the broadband lines, they should at least provide us all with a decent conection, not a connection at best effort, WHAT FUCKING BEST EFFORT? yeah when you all fuckin fat ass sits there and do nothing while i am paying a RM88/1Mb connection and you give worst-than-dial-up connection? There is no one i can call to complain as whoever i call is gonna a total non-helping jerk!
Okay they charge me RM10 reconnection fee when i pay my bill late, so whenever i get a fucking-low speed, can i deduct some fees out of it? Seriously you pay what you get, but in this case here, i am paying for broadband but all i get is a connection so slow that a dial-up can be a lot faster, my dial-up back then used to be 7-8kb but now my “Steamyx Broadband” is giving me 3-4kb … Now what the fuck can i do with that? Open al my mails in text mode? Let youtube videos to load for an hour then come back and view them?
So i believed that every Malaysian who has got a broadband account with TMNet is being “fucked right in the head”, no i think the better term would be “fucked right in the face” and there is nothing much we can do …